A- weight of your mind


Transform your relationship with food learn to love your body, and empower your mind.


  • Are you ready to commit to taking the steps to become the best version of yourself?
  • Are you ready to have the courage to discover your true self and a new zest for life?
  • Do you want to replace unhelpful behavioural patterns with healthy ones so you can start living a life of wellness?
  • When we’ve had a lifetime of negative body image thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviour it is really difficult to love the body, we are in. But in order to find a place of self-love, acceptance and true transformation we have to dig deep.
  • We have to understand ourselves at a deep soul level, we have to tap into our spirituality and unleash the potential that is inside of each and every one of us.

Are you caught in a toxic cycle of

  • low self-esteem?
  • A turbulent relationship with food and your body?
  • Obsessive, tormenting negative self-talk?
  • Limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck?
  • Self limitations?

Imagine if you felt differently

  • Shedding old thoughts, patterning, pains and struggles from the past
  • Releasing stress and worry and any unconscious or conscious unresolved trauma
  • Feeling more confident in your body and being more confident
  • Lifting the weight of self-criticism
  • Having a deep sense of safety and security
  • Transforming your relationship with food and coming to peace with food
  • Unleashing the potential locked inside of you
  • Empowering your mind and being in charge of your emotions
  • Cleaning up your eating habits


A Weight off Your Mind

A personal empowerment step-by-step journey that will change your life forever

Release the deeper unconscious aspects of you
Realign your perception about food and your self-image
Reclaim your Personal Power
Restore love and acceptance of food
Empower your minds

This is not a band-aid approach, we go through to the core of the problem to allow for true transformation to occur.

Open the door to deeper awareness and understanding of yourself.
Choosing self-love and self-care is choosing wellness




Every 2 weeks you will participate in a one hour 1:1 coaching session


Modules will be accessed from an online portal. you will receive worksheets, information, exercises to do and activities.


You will receive 8 x meditations targeting each module’s topic. The meditations will keep your mind calm and focused.


You will receive 8 x bottles of essences. Each bottle will be individualised for each module. the essences will clear and heal any blocks that arise whilst participating in the program

Module 1 starting the journey

Understanding ourselves, where are you now?
Observing our behavioural patterns and habits
Our emotional sense of safety and survival
Exploring our beliefs, family patterning and past traumas
Creating a strong physical body
Identifying and transforming your core beliefs
Confronting and releasing fear
Making a commitment to creating a new reality
Setting the intent

Module 2 understanding you

Empowering the relationship you have with yourself
Creating emotional balance
Pleasure and joy and the relationship you have with food and your body


Holding your centre of power
Establish a strong sense of personal identity
Developing acts of self-care
Exploring dis-empowering and empowering behaviours
Restoring your self-image
Tools to help with willpower and desires

Module 4 Coming back to self love

Letting go of judgment and old hurts
Anchoring into self love
Forgiving the self

module 5 Anchoring into self expression
The power of positive choice
Anchoring into self-expression
Creating a healthy reality
module 6 Anchoring the vision for your most desired life
Acting with integrity
Monitoring and clearing out old thought patterns
Connecting with your soul
Allowing in self-acceptance
Module 8 Reviewing the journey
Anchoring into a new way of being
Beyond A Weight off Your Mind

Frequently Asked Questions







Who is A Weight off Your Mind For
Through the power of the internet, people all over the world can enrol and participate in the program. A Weight off Your Mind is not a diet or nutritional program, rather a personal development program where we address a myriad of issues, such as beliefs, and trauma in regards to our body image and relation to food.
When does this course start?
You can start whenever you’re ready. Upon signing up you will be given access straight away.
How much time should I dedicate to the program
Daily Acton is required if you are wanting the best results. This is a personal development program so the more you put into it the increased benefits.
How are the one on one sessions delivered
The one on one sessions are done via Skype, Zoom or phone
How much does A Weight off Your Mind Cost?
A Weight off Your Mind is a 16 week program and the cost is $1495.
What are the payment options available
We accept credit card, direct deposit or Paypal payments.
Do you have a payment plan available?
Yes we have a payment plan available for your convenience

This 16 Week Program is $1495 if paid in full or I have a Payment Plan.
Once you choose your preferred option below, I will email you a link so you can book in your sessions with me.
You can book in one or all 8 sessions so you can lock in your preferred time.

“We can spend our whole life being out of alignment with ourselves. We are often so out of alignment, we believe what is going on in our lives is the only choice. It’s not.”

Hello, I’m Justine Whitfield.

As a committed therapist, mentor and healer, my 20-year interest in Natural Therapies, wellness and healing has brought me here – to a place where my professional strengths and deepest passions meet.

Living in Alignment
I’m a firm believer in walking my talk.

I do the inner work. I believe that the key to a happy and fulfilling life – one that brings you joy, abundance and good health – is when you are living in alignment.

I’m passionate about helping people create a life of purpose and empowerment, to go deeper to understand who they are, and to help find the answers within.

I believe we can never know enough in a lifetime.

I’m always evolving. I love learning and looking at new ways, methods and tools to help shift things, whether it be emotional, physical or a mental belief. I have a real thirst and desire to gain more knowledge about the body, mind and spirit.