Do you feel like you are living and breathing your purpose in life? If not, then you need to learn about living your Dharma!

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that is used to describe your purpose in life, and how to live your truth. If something doesn’t feel right anymore, be it a friendship, a job, a hobby, your health or spiritual wellness, then tuning into the Dharma teachings will help you feel contented and balanced again.

Deepak Chopra believes that everyone has a unique purpose in life and your dharma will continually evolve over your lifetime.

According to Deepak Chopra your dharma has 3 components:

  • To discover your true self
  • The expression of your unique talents
  • Sharing your gifts in a way that helps others
  • Unless you are being true to yourself and performing your dharma, even if it is imperfect, genuine contentment and happiness is often not found.

Signs that you may not be in balance with living your Dharma may include:

  • Things that you found once enjoyable don’t appeal anymore
  • You feel like you’ve outgrown your life It’s definitely not a comfortable feeling, you feel discontented, restless and may experience unhappiness
  • You question all you once knew

When it’s time for change you will know it. You just know deep at your core that things can’t go back to how things were. You may push it down and try and avoid it, but know that it will sneak back up again, sometimes in more profound ways until you take inspired awareness and action.

Trust what is happening, even if you don’t understand it and it’s painful to the core. Every time you try and control the outcome, you are increasing your expectations of how you want things to turn out. We all like to know the ending, but that does not allow us to enjoy the journey and transitions we experience along the way. How many times have you shut yourself down before things have even started? Allow yourself to experience feeling comfortable with the process of surrender and flow.

Using Dharma to help you through uncertain times

  • Get real with yourself. What areas in your life are and aren’t working? Where are the momentum and flow? Get honest, frank, and raw as you need to be.
  • Face your fears. Are you avoiding the change? Identify your fears and recognise how you act them out in your daily life. How do you shut yourself down or let things pass you by due to fear?
  • Acceptance. Deal with what’s happening. Learn to sit with the discomfort, accept that this is where you need to be at this time.
  • Trust. Trust your life is becoming what it is destined to be and that everything will be ok. Now is the time to release your control!
  • Embrace the change. Leave behind what you found familiar and get excited for what is yet to come. Allow yourself to see the bigger picture from above.
  • Emotional imbalance. What negative emotions and beliefs do you need to deal with that have been suppressed? Allow yourself to sit with what you are feeling, no matter how uncomfortable it is.
  • Let go of expectations. Learn to be in the present moment – your power is in the present. It is in the present moment that you will have clarity and inspiration.
  • Courage. Find the courage to not try and change the situation, but to be ok about being in it.
  • Flow. When we drop into the momentum of flow our wellbeing, creativity and productivity is boosted.
  • Find your joy. When you make joy your main priority everything else will flow. How can you find joy in every moment?
  • Timing. Notice when the timing is right. You will know it in your heart.
  • Your unique abilities. Look at your unique abilities. Ask yourself how can I bring this gift more into my life?
  • Aligning to your inner knowing. Listen to your heart not your head!
  • Take inspired action. What choices and small changes can I make today for a better future? Ask yourself “Where do I need to start?”. Pour your heart and soul into the outcome you are desiring.

It may take years to look back and see the gifts this turbulent time gave you, but it will be worth it to know that you have been living your dharma!

Justine Whitfield is a mindset coach, energetic healer, and reflexologist who helps people return to wellness in the body, mind and spirit so they can live a fulfilling and joyful life.



Date Posted

February 01, 2019