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The Spleen – Your Source of Life

The spleen is often described as the ‘source of life’, the transporter of energy to all other organs. It is considered as an essential organ in helping the body fight infections due to the spleen’s production of white blood cells and antibodies that help to eliminate foreign invaders and bacteria.  Your spleen is located at the […]

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve – its role and treatment The Vagus Nerve (VN) starts at the brain and is the longest cranial nerve in our body.  It conveys sensory information about the state of the body’s organs to the Central Nervous System The VN can be overactive or underactive It is well documented that VN stimulation can assist in […]

Toxic Relationships: Expectations v Reality

I think I can safely say we have all experienced some sort of toxicity in a relationship , whether it be with a family member, ex-boyfriend, friends or a work colleague.  While many are born into a loving, caring, supporting family, from my many years in the clinic, this is far from the truth for many clients. This can […]

Creating a new reality

People often become frustrated because they are wanting something to change, to create a new reality and its not happening. You think you’re doing everything right, but your remaining stuck. Let’s look at how you can gain clarity and momentum to move forward. Stop ResistingThe more we resist the ebbs and flows of change the harder it […]

The Season of Spring – The Season Of Change

The months of Spring are about renewal, new beginnings, growth and rapid expansion. It is a time where we are drawn to spring clean, cleanse the home, start exercising and think about a lighter healthier diet.  In Chinese Medicine the season Spring corresponds to the element wood and the related organs are the liver and gallbladder. The liver […]

When life gives you lemons make lemonade

Life is the way you make it. You’ve heard the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, but what does it exactly mean? Lemons are sour, representing life’s challenges. In contrast lemonade is sweet and represents changing life challenges into something positive. When there are problems at hand, rather than focusing on the problem, […]

The Art of Loving Thyself

  Love is the miracle cure loving ourselves works miracles in our lives Louise Hay   The relationship we have with ourselves is paramount. It is the foundation for living a healthy, joyful life. WHEN YOU HAVE UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE: You accept yourself without judgment You have true lasting peace, happiness and fulfilment in your […]

The Void

I wrote the enclosed article for my clients in my program A Weight Off My Mind. I am sharing it with you as it seems to be a place so many of my clients find themselves in.   “The Void” is referred to a time when we are in a period of change. This is […]

Are you living your Dharma?

Do you feel like you are living and breathing your purpose in life? If not, then you need to learn about living your Dharma! Dharma is a Sanskrit word that is used to describe your purpose in life, and how to live your truth. If something doesn’t feel right anymore, be it a friendship, a […]