People often become frustrated because they are wanting something to change, to create a new reality, and its not happening. You think you’re doing everything right, but your remaining stuck. Let’s look at how you can gain clarity and momentum to move forward.

Stop Resisting

The more we resist the ebbs and flows of change the harder it gets! Stop holding yourself back. Sit with what am I resisting? Is it change? Being successful? Being seen?


You have a deep inner knowing with what to do, and you have an inner guidance system to make it happen. To create your reality you need to have awareness and decide what you want. The more awareness we have, the less power our fear and ego mind can have on us.

Facing the Fears

If you create out of fear, you don’t believe in your own abilities, you are reacting from the fear. If you are creating out of joy you are moving forward. Doing what your heart tells you will bring you joy. Questions to ask yourself – If I wasn’t afraid what would I be doing? What’s my state of readiness for this change? Am I ready to let go? Be ready to face your fears head on.

Self Reflection

Stillness is required for deeper self-reflection. Questions to ask yourself – What do I really want? What will this change bring to my life? What lights me up? Where am I compromising myself? What would my life be like if joy was my priority?

Do the internal work

You are your greatest teacher, you need to become clear and in alignment. Changing your energy will transform the undesirable situation and being in alignment the possibilities are limitless. Look at your limiting beliefs, patterning, fears , what do you need to heal to allow you to move forward?

Priorities and Non-Negotiable

Write down on a piece of paper two columns, my priories and my non negotiables. Now write down under priorities all the things that are important to you and under priorities list all the things you won’t compromise on. This will help you become clearer and put boundaries into place.


Work with the intention – I choose and intend to come into divine alignment with (stating the change you are wanting) thank you it’s done it’s done it’s done. And the new belief – I am open to change. If you have however low expectations and high intentions you’re going to get the results of your low expectations. Energy will go to the most powerful thought you have. Questions to look at -What expectations do I have about myself? Look what could preventing your intention from being fulfilled.

Take Action

When you know what you want it drives you to take action, it is then you can put boundaries in place. Work with the idea how many possibilities are there to help make this change? Where am I going to put my energy into? Take action and feel the fear afterwards!

See that you already have it

Focus on the outcome and see that you already have it. When you also focus on the life experience you want to have, this allows you to receive it. Really sit with the feeling of having your desires here and now. Wayne Dwyer quotes – The answer to how is yes, you may never know exactly how you’re going to accomplish, but by saying yes to life and all that calls you, the how will take care of itself.


Allow others to support you, take all the burden off your shoulders.

Let It Go

Don’t judge your choices at that moment that was the best choice that was meant for you

Justine Whitfield is a mindset coach, energetic healer, and reflexologist who helps people return to wellness in the body, mind and spirit so they can live a fulfilling and joyful life.



Date Posted

November 11, 2019