“We can spend our whole life being out of alignment with ourselves.
We are often so out of alignment, we believe what is going on in our life is the only choice.
It’s not.”

Hello, I’m Justine Whitfield.

As a committed therapist, mentor and healer, my 20 year interest in Natural Therapies, wellness and healing has brought me here – to a place where my professional strengths and deepest passions meet.

I’m a firm believer in walking my talk and living in alignment.

I do the inner work. I believe that the key to a happy and fulfilling life – one that brings you joy, abundance and good health – is when you are living in alignment.

I’m passionate about helping people create a life of purpose and empowerment, to go deeper to understand who they are, and to help find the answers within.

I believe we can never know enough in a lifetime.

I’m always evolving. I love learning and looking at new ways, methods and tools to help shift things, whether it be emotional, physical or a mental belief. I have a real thirst and desire to gain more knowledge about the body, mind and spirit.

I do this work because:-

  • Spiritual development is my passion.
  • I want to help people get to the core of the issue, to heal from the inside to allow their life to flow.
  • Being naturally empathetic and compassionate, I love helping people feel nurtured and held.
  • I love seeing the transformation in people’s lives – giving people tools to help them move forward.
  • I want to help people to overcome challenges and really know themselves.
  • I want to be a catalyst for change, using my intuition and knowledge to help others.


Qualifications Summary

Diploma in Reflexology
Synergistic Reflexology
Serenity Vibrational Healing Level 1
Serenity Vibration Healing Level 1 Mastery
Belinda Davidson SOMM student, Level 1, Level 2
Reiki 1 & Reiki 2
28 Day Soul Coaching Program
Meditation Facilitators Certificate Level 1
Primordial Sound Meditation
Kinergetics – Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity
Foundations of Kinesiology
Advanced Course in Bach Flower Essences
Bush Flower Essences – Level 1, Level 2
Certificate and Advanced
Certificate in Dowsing
Senior First Aid Certificate
Membership Reflexology Association of Australia