Life is not complicated we make it that
Take yourself to a time in your life where you had to make a decision where it would change your life forever. Allow those feelings you had at the time to resurface… the anxieties, fears, mental recrimination and toxic thoughts. This may have been so painful at the time your body can take you back to those feelings as if it were today. 

Now stop and ponder the scenario that the decision you made was made out of a place of deep trusting and knowing, this may be uncomfortable for some however push those fears aside and just see this playing out in front of you. Visualise that you had taken such a leap with complete trust and having no time to look back that the transformation was so incredible you could never have imagined that it would be so easy. How much lighter and easier does this feel? 

Often we are so stuck and can’t see the forest through the trees the only way forward is to LEAP to rise above our own selves that are the hurdle in the way. 

Life is not complicated we make it that’

This is a powerful message I received during one of my meditations. Gulp – 

How often do we allow our mental clutter to confuse the picture, or allow our minds that only know the past to make decisions based on events from our past, our memories, and our old beliefs? 

What if that leap raised you above all the limitations, the hurdles and blocks in the way and allowed you to reach your goal with a deep sense of calm?

What would be possible if we bypassed the intensity of our minds and trusted that everything on the other side of the leap was all we had hoped for? 

Imagine just for a moment if you got out of your own way followed through with that inner knowing and took one of the biggest leaps in your life bypassing the mental clutter and toxicity? I will leave you now with this thought to ponder on….. 

“You write your story by the choices you make”

Justine Whitfield is a mindset coach, energetic healer, and reflexologist who helps people return to wellness in the body, mind and spirit so they can live a fulfilling and joyful life.



Date Posted

November 04, 2020