The months of Spring are about renewal, new beginnings, growth and rapid expansion. It is a time where we are drawn to spring clean, cleanse the home, start exercising and think about a lighter healthier diet.

In Chinese Medicine, the season Spring corresponds to the element wood and the related organs are the liver and gallbladder. The liver sharpens our creative visions, turns our aspirations into focus and the gallbladder goes about making the decisions and taking the steps to bring it to fruition.

The wood element governs the emotional and intuitive body. When nourished we can be empowered and strong however when out of alignment you may feel as if you’re not in control of your emotions, or become very stressed.

When the wood element is in balance we are clear in our decision making, we are flexible and we can deal with challenges easily. When the wood element is out of balance we start to experience frustration, irritability and anger. Liver stagnation can also lead to depression.

Spring is the time to:

  • Rise early and rest at night
  • Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol to help the liver
  • Drink lemon in water to help in detoxing the liver
  • Eat a light diet, it is recommended to minimise coffee and sugar
  • Move, it’s time to wake up the body. This is the time to join an exercise or yoga class
  • Make changes to your daily routine
  • Share your unique gifts with the world
  • Set new intentions, visions, projects and goals for the months ahead
  • Take action – what do you want to do with your future & how can you make it happen?
  • Take risks and try something new
  • Declutter physically and emotionally – let go of anything that is weighing you down
  • Work through your emotions of anger, resentment and frustration
  • Embrace compassion, patience, acceptance, kindness and forgiveness

Take a moment and set your intentions for Spring. What small change can you make in your life to bring yourself in alignment with the season of change?


Justine Whitfield is a mindset coach, energetic healer, and reflexologist who helps people return to wellness in the body, mind and spirit so they can live a fulfilling and joyful life.



Date Posted

October 21, 2019