Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) is a powerful modality that unlike others offers a total healing experience across your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. The recipient experiences clarity and serenity which leads to:

– Better, clearer, decisions
– Eradication of limiting beliefs and negative self talk
– Clearance of past experiences that have held them back
– Activatation of their innate gifts
– Living a life of purpose

SVH is the safest and most effective means for reformatting genetic and current life imbalance, restoring harmony to the physical body and quieting the mind. This modality can be implemented to create new patterns of safety, heal broken relationships and quiet the mind chatter and harmful thoughts.

SVH technique is a mastery tool designed to create no harm or imbalance to the client.

The processes of SVH can be used to release barriers and blocks to reaching personal goals, attracting relationships, acquiring wealth, support physical healing and eliminate non-serving habits.

SVH works by addressing your beliefs, culture, genetics, environmental issues and past traumas which form who you are. This is a transformational experience for your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self.


SVH has a wide range of applications as it assists with identifying limiting patterns that are recognised as blocks to personal awareness and harmony.

Clients have experienced breakthroughs in the following areas:

• Health – physical and emotional
• Restoring broken relationships
• Grief and loss
• Career and life direction
• Family Issues
• Traumas from the past, including rape and assault
• Genetic conditions and inherited family patterns
• Irrational fears / phobias
• Maximising your potential
• Difficult issues which have not responded to or been resolved by other healing methods
• Spiritual issues
• Personal awareness
• Evolving your spiritual growth to higher states of consciousness
• Discovering your innate gifts
• Self empowerment
• Clearing limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings
• Unfolding of your purpose
• Clearing barriers and blocks to your goals
• Emotional wounds/energy blocks
• Healing current life traumas and emotional wounds/energy blocks
• Letting go of unhealthy conditioning
• Clearing what you have taken on from past events which is limiting you
• Clearing what you have taken on from others which is limiting you